RIH Residency Overview


The Medical Physics Residency Program in Radiation Oncology at Rhode Island Hospital/Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University is a two-year clinical training program. In 2008, the program was established and recognized by Office of Graduate Medical Education within Rhode Island Hospital/Brown University. The program received CAMPEP accreditation in January 2014. The Medical Physicist-in-Chief is Michael Price, Ph.D., while the Director of the Residency Program is James Brindle, Ph.D.

The Department of Radiation Oncology is an integral component of the Comprehensive Cancer Center and provides a full range of clinical radiation oncology services including conformal radiotherapy, IMRT, arc therapy, on-line portal imaging, image-guided radiotherapy using kV imaging, cone-beam CT, and Vision RT; stereotactic radiosurgery/radiotherapy and brachytherapy. The department’s state-of-the-art equipment includes a complement of Varian linear accelerators (1 TrueBeam, 1 Clinac 2100 iX, 1 Varian Trilogy), Gamma Knife Perfexion unit, Cyberknife (G-4) unit, BrainLab Exactrac system, Nucletron HDR afterloader, as well as a multi-slice large bore CT simulator with 4D capabilities. Treatment planning systems from multiple vendors include Philips, Varian, BrainLab, Accuray, GammaPlan, and Nucletron.

Residents, under the supervision of medical physicists and other health professions, will participate in the routine clinical duties of a radiation oncology physicist. Seminars, teaching conferences, and chart rounds are also part of the program to provide additional teaching of radiation oncology. At the conclusion of the program, residents will be able to demonstrate competency in all areas of radiation oncology physics and will be considered prepared/eligible to take the certification examination of the American Board of Radiology in Therapeutic Radiology Physics.

For applicants to be considered, he or she must be currently enrolled in (and graduating by the following spring) or have completed a graduate degree from a CAMPEP accredited medical physics graduate program or have successfully passed Part I of the ABR certification examination.